In your busy, crazy everyday life, the last thing you want to worry about is your smartphone dying in an important situation. When you are checking out charging case longevity, see the Flipstick and Flipcard from TYLT. TYLT will be able to help you find the right case for your everyday needs and budget.

TYLT Power Cases

Flipstick is a Perfect Mobile Charging Solution

The Flipstick TYLT charger lets you charge your phone quickly, whether you are in an airport or driving across town. This charger allows you to get one full charger thanks to the 3,350 mAh battery pack. This battery pack is perfect for the iPhone fan or someone who uses a Samsung Galaxy.

The Flipstick comes with your choice of a built-in micro-USB, Lightning or Type-C connector. You even get to choose the color of the Flipstick as it can be purchased in navy blue, black or gray.

Flipcard Combines Sleek Design with Strong Performance

The Flipcard combines a sleek design with impressive performance. When you are looking at rechargeable phone cases, the Flipcard can meet anyone’s style needs as it can be customized in your choice of color and connector. The narrow design allows for enhanced portability and simple storage.

The Flipcard lets you select your type of connector, between the built-in micro USB, Lightning, or Type-C connector. The 5,000 mAh battery pack allows for two full charges. Whether you want the subtle black or bold royal blue, you can enjoy the right look in a tech accessory with a Flipcard.

The Flipstick and Flipcard are the perfect accessories, regardless of whether you favor a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. These charging cases will allow you to avoid running out of battery when you are in an important situation. See why TYLT is an industry-leader and enjoy their selection of tech accessories today.