You’ll probably be aware that many businesses are turning to accounting software packages, rather than using your skills in the field. However, the need for accountants isn’t over and, by embracing the very tools that might be depriving you of custom, you can establish yourself as a 21st Century accountant, offering your clients everything that the software – plus a little bit more besides.

Future Of Accounting

Why use accounting software?

An accountant using accounting software might seem slightly ironic, but you need to keep up with the demands of your clients. There’s no argument that software of the sort supplied by companies such as Intuit does make the whole process easier and removes the facility for human error. Even the standards they adhere to are set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, so the quality of the accounts they prepare is of no less a standard than those you might prepare yourself.

However, have you considered that accounting software might also help you to expand your client base?

Expand your client base

Using accounting software gives you the facility to work for more clients than maybe you have in the past. Feeding multiple accounting details into one program gives you the capacity to manage more accounts than ever before. In addition, most accountants know only too well the situation where their clients suddenly appear with extra receipts and invoices, right at the last minute. Accounting software gives you greater scope to deal with those ‘to the wire’ situations efficiently and keep with the timescale within which you have to operate. In short, you can take on more work because you’ll have to do significantly less to stay on top of things.

Work on the move

However, it’s not just limited to managing multiple clients; Intuit Pay’s QuickBooks app allows you to transform your mobile phone or tablet into a virtual office, so even if you’re away from your workspace you can keep up to date with those last minute demands on your time.

Your clients’ requests can impact on your private life. However, whether you’re at home, at work or even on holiday, the QuickBooks app gives you complete control over all the data you’ve collated. It can be integrated with virtually any accounting software and with the platform you choose to work from.

Offering perfection

However, even though it’s wise to embrace the ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ philosophy when it comes to accounting software, there are a number of reasons why people will want to use accountants, as much as they will want to automate their own data. What accountants can offer, which software can’t, is advice.

As an accountant, you can advise on tax-mitigation strategies and even offer insight into the financial implications of future decisions; you are, in many ways, a silent, strategic partner. While the software will give you the facility to offer watertight and accurate accounts, it’s the advice and the capacity for the personal touch that will keep your clients coming back.

Suggesting that an accountant needs accounting software might sound like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. But in the digital age, your clients are expecting perfection. With the right software to back you up, you can offer them that and a little bit more.