Undoubtedly there is no better way available than face recognition system to ensure best safety of your important documents. Most of the PCs/laptops these days come with native web cam. Fret not if you are not having the built-in webcam; you can always incorporate it at minimal expense.  And, tools like KeyLemon are always ready to make it functional.

Keylemon Can Do The Job For You:

Keylemon is one of the finest tools that can fulfil your wish in above case. You can set Face Recognition Login system manually, even though your system lacks the feature. Go through the steps given below on how to proceed with the tool.


  • Download the Keylemon tool first, and incorporate it within your system.
  • Pick your preferred language, and then hit ‘Next’.
  • It asks for the license recognition; check it, and click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Install the tool at your preferred destination and click ‘Next’. You can create shortcut for it here.
  • Now tap the ‘Install’ button, and after completion press the ‘Finish’ key.

Set-Up Face Recognition Process Through Keylemon

  • After completion of the installation, the webcam you have assembled spontaneously gets functional, and the face recognition set-up begins.
  • This face recognition set-up is taken in to account for verification while logging in to your Windows powered device. Go through the points given below prior the set-up.
  • Ensure the lightening of the room is not that extra bright, and be sure your face fits perfectly within the pattern as it appears before you. Sit constant while the process goes on.

So, finally the application captures your face structure and as everything is performed in accordance, it shows a green tick. Now, you will find ‘Create new face model’ key; just tap on it.

  • Next, the app checks your face, hence look at the camera and make sure the green tab is adjacent to the top. Greener the bar, perfect your face model is. Now tap the ‘Next step’ key.
  • Finally, a profile having your face model becomes available. You have the option to set the username, and you can set the password to include the face recognition to the present session.
  • That’s it! Now press Win+L to ensure that the latest face recognition system is performing well. You must make sure that the fresh login system has been included within the login display. Take a look at your camera, and you get logged in.

Taking The Best Of Keylemon:

You can definitely have access for your system through the face recognition. However, there remains always an option to enhance the process as well to make the tool function better. To enhance the face model database, move to the KeyLemon Control Centre through the start menu, and pick ‘Improve’ within ‘Profile’.

The current edition of the KeyLemon software functions well with Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8 platform. However, the current edition of the Keylemon is not for Windows XP, hence these users can’t take the advantage out of it. However, you can use it through Keylemon’s earlier edition.

It is here to mention that Keylemon doesn’t affect the conventional pattern of logging in to the system through password inputs. You can have both systems at a stretch.