There is a lack of craziness when you want an answer to the ultimate question: which one out of the Free vs. Paid WordPress Themes is better? Whichever one you choose, your main motive behind getting the theme of your choice is to get your job done well. Superbly well. Mission impossible becomes mission accomplished. Whether you believe it or not when you want the best work to be done in a matter of minutes; you almost wish for some miraculous thing to come your way. In your bid to escape from the maddening rush of the daily routine, you just sit down to concentrate on work to come out with something creative.

Free Vs Paid Wordpres Theme

Think Smart, Choose Wisely, and Get the Best Instantly

The most probable advantage that everyone feels good about is that you can get WordPress theme for free and therefore there is no need to purchase the Premium theme. This might seem like a foggy belief at first but there is no smoke without fire. People do not want to spend money to avail a service that is brought forth online for free. Bloggers go for free WordPress themes at first, continue to use the service and then they decide whether to avail Premium WordPress theme like Genesis, Thesis, etc. People opine differently on both the services that are available.

Why should you opt for a Particular WordPress Theme?

If you are a website owner, you ought to be serious about the themes that you choose. While few workable themes are available free of cost, the best ones come from the Premium WordPress themes. Weighing both the pros and cons of getting things done nicely, you ought to think rationally. Free themes are good, they are not done badly. WordPress theme directory is there for you to make your selection from. However, when a theme developer releases a base version on free theme directories, post that he sells the Pro version of the free theme; the blogger faces a different issue.

Blogger! Make Cautious Attempt to Choose from WordPress Themes

Have you read this: “Nothing useless is or low, each thing in its place is best; what appears but idle show strengthens and supports the rest.” If you have to choose between free vs. paid WordPress theme there are few pearls of wisdom that are meaningfully true. You ought to think and act prior to making a choice whether you want to adopt one or ditch the other one. For one, WordPress is making technical innovations, and is coming up with updates after every few months. This means that if your theme and plugins are not compatible with what is offered as the latest version of WordPress, things won’t work for you.

How to Make the Right Choice? Choosing the Best

It becomes your automatic responsibility to pick from among the best, if you think that being second not an option anymore. If you are using good, very well designed paid themes produced by a good framework company choose your best theme; put your best foot forward and recreate the magic. If you peep into the kind of stuff available online while choosing WordPress, you would find lots of web based tutorials, however, if you select free WordPress themes there would be little or no options.

If you intend to use WordPress themes for Search Engine Optimization of your website, you might find free themes to be of little help. If you purchase a web theme you would definitely get nicer options to choose from.

What Goes into Making a Perfect Web Page?

Most web users find it to be of a lot of help if a good WordPress theme is being made use of. Not only can others feel the desired outcome to be of immense creative value, the website owners also get the credit of making something that becomes the apple of everybody’s eyes. If you want to get an opinion on whether your ‘self- developed’ page fits perfectly well into the picture or not, you ought to ask somebody who can let you know sensibly well about the WordPress theme that you are using.

If you feel that getting a suitable reason to choose from between Free vs. paid WordPress theme is your favorite food for thought, you ought to think carefully keeping all the major points in mind. Having a thorough and clear knowledge of what is right and what is incorrect pays a lot in the long run.

Free Vs. Paid WordPress Theme: Still Confused What to Choose?

Firstly let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of both the paid and free version of WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Themes


  • You do not have to spent dollars as these themes are available for free.
  • They are more compatible with plugins.
  • Easy Upgrades as WordPress automatically checks the theme downloads from the repository of WordPress themes and notifies you if a new version is currently available.


  • You can’t expect for free support.
  • Mostly these have limited number of features.
  • Updates are not regular.
  • There are no warranties and obligations after you download a free WordPress theme.
  • Free themes are used on number of websites so you can expect unique designs.

Premium WordPress Themes


  • Paying for a WordPress theme offers you a sigh of relief and gives an advantage of making demands from the developers as you are the customer.
  • You are offered free support as its included in the membership by the paid theme authors.
  • You can get quality and feature rich themes by developers that make things a lot easier for you.
  • Price factor and heavy customization that is built in with premium themes are the reasons for less exposure of these themes where visitors also find them to be a fresh design.
  • Premium features help in lowering down the numbers of use of plugins.
  • Offers clean code for faster loading like Genesis, Thesis, etc.
  • These are highly optimized for search engines.


  • The price is such that everyone may not afford or may not be willing to pay.
  • These themes may not be as standard compliance like the free one that are available on the official repository that go through rigorous review process.
  • Modification is a tough task in Premium themes.

Now after reading the pros and cons of both the options, your baffled mind will now be able to create a crystal clear image that will certainly help you to decide which one would better depending on the requirements of your website.