You are all set to open the flood gate of desires through the social networking site, and it teases you again and again by claiming the username you are putting already exists. However, it happens a people often go with baffling naming types; going easy an actually work for they. It should be easily remembered after all. Well, checking for the availability of a username is simply annoying. Hence, here we have mentioned about some of the easiest ways of making things done.

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Namechk Is A Handy Tool To Solve Your Problem:

NameChk is a fantastic way through which you can look for username on renowned sites. Here we mention the steps to make it happen through NameChk. Check it out.


  • Visit NameCHK home site, and you can find here different social media sites available.
  • Put the preferred username within the search bar and tap the ‘chk’ key.

Interestingly, it lets you know that the username is available even if it has been used by someone less than 18 years. The site basically enquires through all the popular social media platforms. On a specific note, it checks the availability of the username on about eighty two popular sites that includes those like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.

The best part here is to mention that the site can go for enquiring at some more sites as well. You have to do all the hard work of simply having a click on Show All key to enjoy the fantastic facility.

Anyway, after completion of the search, it shows the sites where the username you are interested to go with is already present.

That’s it! Pretty simple, isn’t it?


KnowEm is another fantastic site you can go through for the above purpose. It lets you to have a username and reserve your premium name. You just have to follow some of the very simple steps on this regard.


  • Go to the KnowEm site.
  • Put your preferred username on the search panel.
  • Wait a while; it takes a little to manipulate the availability.
  • After completion of the enquiry it shows you the sites where the username as of you have been used. Simple as that! However, you may not find the best outcome for You Tube accounts though.

As a tip, I must say you should have the same username for the entire set of your frequently used social networking sites.

The Added Support From Knowem:

KnowEm is a handy way of checking your username, which checks the presence within more than hundred twenty sites. In addition, you can have a couple of premium service options of it as well. You just have to pay only $64.95 to make whole of your available usernames registered that they are having within their huge database. Apart from this, you can enjoy the monthly subscription facility as well. Through KnowEm you can get your username registered in all those sites which come in to picture every month in this way (monthly subscription); as per the statistics that is more than fifteen.