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How Long Do TYLT Charging Cases Last

In your busy, crazy everyday life, the last thing you want to worry about is your smartphone dying in an important situation. When you are checking out charging case longevity, see the Flipstick and Flipcard from TYLT. TYLT will be able to help you find the right

What Is the Difference Between State and Federal Tax for My Business?

The United States has a multi-level income tax system whereby taxes are imposed on people who are filing for a business by federal, state, and local governments. The amount of both federal and state income taxes due is determined by applying a tax rate to the business’s

Choice is Yours: Free Vs. Paid WordPress Theme – Which is Better?

There is a lack of craziness when you want an answer to the ultimate question: which one out of the Free vs. Paid WordPress Themes is better? Whichever one you choose, your main motive behind getting the theme of your choice is to get your job done

What you Need to Know Before Buying a Laptop

Although tablets and smartphones are growing in popularity, for most people the functionality and reliability of a personal laptop still trumps the desire to buy into the newest gadget trends. Unfortunately, the pressure to compete with so many different types of hardware has made it somewhat difficult

The Future of Accounting & the Impacts of New Technology

You’ll probably be aware that many businesses are turning to accounting software packages, rather than using your skills in the field. However, the need for accountants isn’t over and, by embracing the very tools that might be depriving you of custom, you can establish yourself as a